Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New York Times Article on Media's Future

A new article from the New York Times on the future of media came out yesterday. It's a rehash of what we have heard before (coming pay walls and itunes like sales models) but it sounds like Murdoch will be the first to take the dive. Honestly, I wouldn't mind if he failed.

Adding Fees and Fences on Media Sites


Over more than a decade, consumers became accustomed to the sweet, steady flow of free news, pictures, videos and music on the Internet. Paying was for suckers and old fogeys. Content, like wild horses, wanted to be free.

Now, however, there are growing signs that this free ride is drawing to a close.

Newspapers, including this one, are weighing whether to ask online readers to pay for at least some of what they offer, as a handful of papers, like The Wall Street Journal and The Financial Times, already do. Indeed, in the next several weeks, industry executives and analysts expect some publications to take the plunge.

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Paco Elvira said...

Great article Charlie. Thanks a lot to share it.Love the end :
“One of the problems is newspapers fired so many journalists and turned them loose to start so many blogs,” Mr. Mutter said. “They should have executed them. They wouldn’t have had competition. But they foolishly let them out alive.”
Happy 2010!

Charlie Mahoney said...

No doubt Paco. Not only did they free jounralists to compete against, but they have also reduced the quality of their journalism.