Monday, February 22, 2010

Are We Part of the Problem??? (continued)

I came across Allan Mutter's blog recently, called Reflections of a Newsasaur, which is definitely worth adding to your RSS feeder. In my last posting, I brought up the question of whether we (photojournalists) are part of the problem. Although Mutter's blog is more directed towards journalists, I think he would argue that we are a part of the problem, mainly because sometimes we just aren't capable of saying "No"!

If you read this link, just exchange journalist with photojournalist and it pretty much applies perfectly to our struggling profession. Here's the link here. I've attached part of the text below:

Stop the exploitation of journalists

It’s time for journalists to stop participating in their own exploitation by working for a pittance – or, worse, giving away their valuable services for free.

Apart from the sheer righteousness of being paid an honest dollar for an honest day’s work, journalists need to stand together – and stand tall – to reassert the stature of their profession.

The reason is simple: If they don’t put a value on what they do, then no one else will, either.

Last time I checked, the prevailing way to express value in our modern economy is via the transfer of m-o-n-e-y. In a minute, I will share a simple spreadsheet to help you calculate your own worth as a journalist.

But first, I am urging everyone to join in my new year’s resolution to just say no to people who invite you to work for nothing or something awfully close to it.


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