Monday, November 16, 2009

Dispatches Must Read Article on "Revolutions in the Media Economy"

The beauty of Dispatches Magazine is the depth of their reporting, which today is a rare thing indeed. Today I came across a very well done and in depth article (part one in an ongoing series written by David Campbell) on changes in journalism. In part one it discusses the death of newspapers and contrasts that with the death of journalism. It also discusses a lot of the buzz word trends that we have been hearing about of late like the collapse of the advertising based economic model AND how to better monitize news with pay walls and itunes like per article payment models. Layout some time and coffee for this great three part read...


The way news and information is reported and delivered to citizens is undergoing profound transformations, especially in the United States and Europe. In the last twelve months commentary has been rife with claims about “the death of newspapers,” the end of journalism, and the impact this crisis will allegedly have on democratic politics.

In a series of four posts, I want to consider the revolution that is reshaping the media economy through which we come to know about the wider world. This first post deals with the reasons for this upheaval and how it is changing the economics of news. Because of the ground to be covered in providing the context of these changes, this will be quite a lengthy discussion.

The second post will look at how the structure of information is changing in this new economy and what it means for the practice of journalism; the third post will ask what these transformation mean for photojournalism; and the fourth post will consider some of the implications for universities and academic publishing. Continue reading here...

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Paco Elvira said...

Hola Charlie,
The 4 parts written by David Cambell are extremely important. I just read the third one but I have copied the rest to read it thoroughly.