Saturday, November 14, 2009

Trafic Barcelona and Bruce Gilden

One of the beauties of living in Barcelona is that there is massive interest in photography and practically every week there is some kind of exhibit or talk about photography. One of the highlights every year is Trafic, mainly because the event is synched with workshops with some of the greats in contemporary photography. This year Trafic teamed up with a group of Magnum photographers and I went to some of the presentations.

In my opinion the star was Bruce Gilden. You can read more about Bruce at Trafic on Paco Elvira's blog, but I wanted to highlight one thing.

Often times in these workshops you learn things by listening to the photographers and having them critique your work, but I think you can almost learn more by watching them as they work and this is something that few photographers show in workshops. Many photographer's have problems overcoming their fear of shooting people up close without asking permission, but sometimes it just has to be done. That's how you achieve those magical moments. That being said, it's still difficult for many people, myself included.

Watch this video and you'll see how Bruce works. In the end, it's a barrier any good photographer has to overcome at some point. The key to remember is that you're not doing damage to anyone because it's just a picture! Watch Bruce in action here and thanks to Paco for mentioning this video to me.


Paco Elvira said...

Charlie, when I saw you with Bruce Gilden at CCCB in Barcelona I assumed you had participated in his workshop. Glad to hear again from you. You were kind of disappeared. How about your new life? Best regards to Charo.

Charlie Mahoney said...

No, I didn't participate in the workshops this year. I feel like I've done enough workshops now, so there is limited upside in continuing to do them and of course, we have to manage our costs or we are dead in this industry.

No need to fear, however, I haven't disappeared. I got married and then was on our honeymoon, but now I am back to normalcy.

Axel said...

Hi Charlie,
how are you?
For what concerning Gilden I think this is a very bad example of a photographer behaviour.
The way Gilden approach people is totally lacking in respect and understanding. He's simply using people in a very aggressive way.
No surprise if someone would react with a good punch to the Gilden's face.