Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's The Economist Stupid!

I just came across this article and video from The Atlantic about the state of the newsweekly industry. The writer, Michael Hirschorn, explains that The Economist saw it's advertising revenues increase 25% from last year where Time and Newsweek saw declines of 14% and 27% respectively.

The answer is quite simple - The Economist provides quality worldwide news and analysis. That's why people read it. This article is a must read.

Another interesting article about a future without the New York Times can be found here.


Paco Elvira said...

Very interesting article Charlie. It's exactly what newspaper's Sunday issues in Spain, like El Pais, are doing.Well, you'll notice how I'm joking

Charlie Mahoney said...

Sadly, Paco, the Sunday supplements are following the same broken model. I remember reading once that the cigarette was the perfect drug delivery mechanism.

The Sunday magazines have tried to become the perfect "advertising" delivery mechanism. The problem is that the have toned down their content so much, that they are not worth reading.

I flip through the story headlines and then throw it directly in to the recycling bin. I mean how many 10 page stories can you read about a wanna-be actress whose greatest achievement in life is to date Adrien Brody? There's absolutely no interesting content.